Why Endure Training Co?

Our science-based training program achieves an ideal blend of strength, cardio, and intensity, emphasizing nutrition and accountability so you can train smarter, not harder.


Group Fitness with Customization

Our unique training program offers personalized workout plans that best align with your goals.

Tracking & Accountability

Workout tracking and goal review sessions to keep you progressing and feeling your best.

Personalized Nutrition Support

One-on-one nutrition coaching to compliment your workouts and get you the results you want faster than ever before.

Trusted by Local Scotch Plains,
NJ Residents

Tamara BlockTamara Block
21:51 10 Apr 24
One of my favorite places to be! The mindfully programmed workouts have enough variety to keep things interesting, even if I go every day. Friends (both old and new!) and coaches always provide an unparalleled level of support, encouragement, and humor. Endure has helped me get back into a regular workout routine, and I’m forever grateful!
Lauren JohnsonLauren Johnson
20:00 27 Mar 24
Endure is the gym I’ve been searching for and hoping to find for the last 10 years - the workouts are challenging and so well thought out every week. All of the trainers are at the top of their game and I cannot recommend this spot more!
Karen FessendenKaren Fessenden
12:46 21 Mar 24
Coaches are amazing!! They find just the right way to adjust a movement so that you are getting the most out of your workout and doing it correctly for your body! It’s always a good day when you ENDURE!
Mandy HeitzkeMandy Heitzke
03:04 13 Mar 24
Endure is such an awesome place to get in shape and have some fun at the same time! The hour classes fly by as the workouts are thoughtfully designed to keep you consistently moving through various strength exercises as well as cardio! All the trainers are highly knowledgeable and encouraging. They are present during the entire workout and walk around making adjustments, modifications and to provide overall motivation which could include challenging you to increase weight and/or push harder. With such a dynamic program that works all muscle groups, results are quick to notice! Such a wonderful (clean) gym and community of men and women!
daniela Bennettdaniela Bennett
17:31 12 Mar 24
Ever since I started working out at Endure, I have noticed a tremendous change in my body. My muscle mass has increased, and my stamina has improved significantly. The gym is equipped with top-notch facilities, including new and well-maintained machines, and the coaches are exceptional. They always greet you with a warm smile and are willing to assist you during your workouts. The programs offered at Endure are also excellent. If you're considering starting your fitness journey, Endure is the perfect place to begin.
Tracy WrightTracy Wright
15:47 03 Mar 24
So grateful Endure opened in our community! They have Power, Push and Pace days, with the perfect mix of strength and conditioning in each class. I had not done strength conditioning before and I have felt supported and encouraged since day 1. The coaches do a fantastic job of teaching new moves and then actively monitor everyone throughout the workout. I always feel safe and secure. The community that they have built at the gym is also so supportive with everyone cheering each other on. This week, I was working on strict pull-ups for the first time and three different people came over to give me tips and encourage me. My family loves to hike and I am certain Endure is going to give me the strength to keep chasing my kids up and down the mountains!
anthony patutoanthony patuto
01:52 01 Mar 24
After several months of attending Endure, I feel compelled to share my experience with this outstanding fitness community. From the moment I stepped through the doors - I was greeted by a wave of positive energy and encouragement.Each instructor brings their unique style, but they all share a common thread – they are passionately dedicated to helping every member reach their full potential. Their expertise is evident in the way they lead classes and offer modifications to accommodate all fitness levels. The staff is always welcoming and goes above and beyond to ensure a clean, safe, and friendly environment.In conclusion, Endure is more than just a gym - it's a fitness haven that has enriched my life in more ways than I could have imagined. I highly recommend it to anyone looking to elevate their fitness journey in a supportive and dynamic environment.
Andrea ZacariasAndrea Zacarias
23:11 29 Feb 24
Amazing facility, top equipment and great environment. The coaches are really great and helpful. They know how to push you to the limit in the best way possible with the workouts. I’ve been doing weightlifting for a few years and wanted to try something different, I wanted to spice up my training and this is exactly what Endure is all about. We have pace/ push and power days.My endurance & conditioning improved 100% and it’s only been 2 months…

Our Approach to Training

Our workouts rotate between the body’s three main energy systems, ensuring a holistic approach to fitness that leaves no muscle left behind nor repetitively over-used.  

Interval-Style Workouts

Interval-based workouts that incorporate strength and high intensity cardio that challenge you to try your best.   Whether you are running to catch your train or hoping to be a Pickleball Olympian, Push days are your friend.

Strength & Sprints

Dedicated strength training combined with short bursts of max-effort cardio increasing your power and speed,  make everyday tasks like piggy back rides and getting all of the groceries inside in one trip easier.

Endurance Workouts

Lower intensity, longer efforts combining cardio and strength, preparing you for extended real-world challenges, such as hiking a mountain trail or walking the hilly streets of San Fransisco.

Commonly Asked Questions

Yes, we do! Click HERE to come check out Endure for 10 consecutive days for only $10!

No, Endure Training Co. is not just high intensity interval training nor are we a bootcamp.  With an emphasis on strength training, proper technique, and coaching (not just motivating), our workouts utilize kettlebell and dumbbells in a dedicated strength session in the beginning of class several times per week.  We believe you must slow down and focus your effort with strength training to truly get stronger.  

Our training does not include any barbell or olympic weightlifting.  We don’t emphasize higher skill bodyweight movements like handstands or kipping style exercises.  While our workouts vary from day to day, there is a specific structure to the programming that ensures no muscle nor movement pattern is overlooked.  

Every member has a personal fitness goal.  With Endure’s unique program structure we can guide each member towards specific workouts that best align with their goals.  Whether you want to build strength, get faster, build endurance, or lose weight, Endure has you covered.  

We do!  We offer one-on-one nutrition coaching to compliment your workouts and get you the results you want faster than ever before.  Book your free consultation with our in house nutrition coach Vanessa HERE.

Yes!  If you would like to set up a session with a trainer, please e-mail us at [email protected]

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