How We Train

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Endure Training Co. offers a unique approach to fitness, emphasizing a balanced training regimen backed by nutrition and accountability. Our program focuses on building strength and aerobic capacity as a foundation, improving longevity, and optimizing overall metabolic health through a combination of Pace, Push, and Power workouts.


Aerobic Base


Pace workouts lay the foundation for a strong base that is essential for reaching higher levels of fitness. Through a mixture of resistance training and sustained heart rate cardio this style of workout enhances cellular function, improves metabolism, and cardiovascular health. Embrace pace training to fortify your endurance and establish the groundwork for peak performance.

In the gym

6 Sets: (:45 on/ :15 off)
2) Single Kettlebell Squat Clean + Squat + Reverse Lunge
3) Bike
4) Pressing Straight Leg Sit Up
5) Row OR Treadmill
6) Rotational Single Arm Cable Row - Alternate Every 5

real world benefit

Sustained energy levels throughout the day, improved ability to burn fat, blood-sugar regulation, improved stamina with daily tasks.


VO2 Max


Building on a strong fitness foundation, our push workouts focus on improving VO2 max, which represents the maximum oxygen our bodies use before switching to other energy sources. This metric is crucial for tasks such as climbing stairs or playing sports, as it indicates our ability to perform and recover efficiently. Similar to lean muscle mass, VO2 max gradually decreases with age.

In the gym

5 Sets - Rest 1:30 between sets
500m Row
20 Goblet Squats
10 Burpees
**Complete each set for time with the highest sustained effort across all sets**

real world benefits

Keep up with young kids, climb stairs, improved ability to play sports, positive correlation with increased life expectancy.


Max Output


Our fastest and most potent energy system provides just 6-10 seconds of fuel for maximum efforts in daily life—be it quick movements, reactionary responses, or bursts of power in the gym. Training this system enhances our ability to lift heavy objects and move fast, creating a stronger, more durable mind and body.

In the gym

8 Sets of Each
::15 Work / :15 Rest
1) Heavy Kettlebell Swing
-:30 Second Transition-
2) Med Ball Slam
-:30 Second Transition-
3) Standing Bike Sprint
-:30 Second Transition-
4) Rotational Med Ball Slam

real world Benefit

Catching yourself if you slip, moving furniture, carrying luggage, and sprinting after your toddler.


Strength training, or resistance training, is crucial for a healthy, mobile life by enhancing muscle mass, fortifying bone density, and aiding weight control. Its perks include improved insulin sensitivity, cardiovascular health, and an overall higher quality of life, making it a vital part of any fitness routine.

Mechanical Tension

Mechanical tension, generated by lifting heavy weights or performing resistance exercises, is a primary stimulus for muscle growth. When muscles are subjected to tension, it triggers a series of intracellular responses.

Muscle Damage

Microscopic damage to muscle fibers, often caused by eccentric (lengthening) contractions during resistance training, can contribute to hypertrophy. This damage initiates repair processes that involve muscle protein synthesis and growth.

Metabolic Stress

High-repetition, lower-weight resistance training, such as bodybuilding-style workouts, can create metabolic stress within the muscle cells. This stress is associated with factors like lactic acid accumulation, cell swelling, and anabolic hormone release.


Endure Training Co. champions longevity through fitness as a core philosophy. Despite widespread exercise engagement, rising rates of orthopedic injuries and metabolic diseases persist, epitomized by alarming statistics: 36% of Americans are obese, with 69% classified as overweight. This disparity underscores the crucial need to bridge the gap between fitness involvement and holistic health for improved well-being.

Injury Rates and
Health Concerns

Orthopedic injuries and metabolic diseases, such as obesity and diabetes, persist despite increased fitness activity. We acknowledge the significance of reducing injury rates and combating lifestyle-related health issues.

Non-Exercise Activity
and Joint Health

We stress the significance of non-exercise activity alongside scheduled gym sessions, acknowledging that 3 hours weekly may not fully support optimal health. It’s crucial to integrate movement into daily life by utilizing standing desks, choosing stairs over elevators, and setting personal step goals, fostering improved joint health and a more vibrant lifestyle.

Strength Training
for Longevity

Age-related changes, like 10% muscle loss per decade, highlight the need for strength training to combat frailty issues including osteoporosis and mortality risk. Endure Training Co. promotes hypertrophy through specific protocols, emphasizing functional strength training for better health and longevity.